This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about Ramblings of a Gyrl or about myself, the author and admin.

If you have any comments or further questions, feel free to use the contact page to drop me an email.

What software do you use for your blog?


What plugins do you use?

Below are some of the WordPress plugins I’m most frequently asked about.

Sorry folks, the Story Progress widget is custom and written by myself. It is not available for download.

What applications do you use when designing your site?

What do you use for writing your stories?

Typically, I use a laptop with Windows 10 on it. I use Microsoft Office 2016 and Scrivener for all my documents and drafts. Occasionally, I dictate my novels as well using Dragon.

What websites do you have stories posted at?

Fanfiction.net and FictionPress.com

Do you have a working title for your novel?

I have two, actually, but I haven’t decided which one to use yet. It will depend on where the story ends up.

Do you have ideas for other novels?

Yes, three. One is a romance that flirts with the paranormal… without sparkly vampires. The second is a modern-day romance and probably last on my list to write. The third is a medieval based fantasy that I intend to write as a series.  I have them outlined but do not intend to begin any of them until I am closer to being done with the first draft of my current novel.

Are your works published?

Other than the few “free” stories online, no.  I have been in contact with a literary agent who has reviewed my work and am in the process of starting a novel to submit. If it is not immediately picked up by a publisher, I may resort to self-publishing until I am picked up by one.

Are you really an IT geek?

Yes. I’m basically a nerd. I’ve worked in the IT field for almost 20 years doing everything from programming and web development to work as a support analyst. I’m not quitting my day job just yet to write full time. I’m still looking for a job. Something has to pay the bills. I currently work as a Support Analyst for a Fortune 500 Company. I currently work in IT Support close to home, which has afforded me more time for school, family, and writing.

How many cats do you have?

We have four two in our house. And to save you the trouble of another question, their names are: Malaclypse [RIP], Juniper [RIP], Hershey, and Rikku.  My husband often teases me that I’ll turn into a crazy cat lady someday, but four is definitely my limit. My love of cats also explains the Twitter and Facebook avatars for each site.

Should I follow you on Twitter or Facebook?

Short answer? Duh, yes!

Long answer? Yes please, and thank you. I cross-post entries to alert my users of new articles and sometimes make other posts that are unrelated to this website. It also helps get my presence out on the web more as word spreads about the site.  This will be helpful when I eventually publish my first book and need the traffic for self-promotion.

If I comment on your site or through Facebook or Twitter, do you respond?

Hell, yes. I enjoy the comments and like speaking to my readers. For example, I have close to 500 direct active followers of my fanfiction story and receive messages from readers all the time. This doesn’t include the guests among the 60k+ unique readers that post also. Many are shocked when I send them a private message or respond publicly. So, by all means, please comment if you feel the urge and don’t be a lurker.

Is your blog strictly about writing?

No.  I have several interests. Most posts will be about writing, of course, but there will be many others related to other topics as well. I love to cook and come up with many of my recipes to share. I also like to comment on films from time to time since an I an amateur cinema aficionado. You will always see posts related to web development, coding, and general IT as they collectively tie in with other topics on this site.

Are there posts by other authors on your site?

At this time, no. However, I do plan to have guest bloggers in the future as contributors, but they must post content that is topically related to this site.

You mentioned you have mild dyslexia. How does it affect your writing?

Excellent question, but I ask you this: How many famous writers do you know that have it as well?  The answer: several.  You may even know their names. Some writers that are known to have dyslexia include:

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald — Author of The Great Gatsby and other novels.
  • JF Lawton — Screenwriter with credits to Pretty Woman and Under Siege.
  • Stephen J. Cannell — Author and screenwriter. Some of his credits include: A-Team, The Rockford Files, and 22 Jump Street.
  • Fannie Flagg — Author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
  • John Irving — Author of The Cider House Rules.

Now that you know this, I will answer the question.  I consult a dictionary and thesaurus…. A LOT. I also keep handy a book on grammar and read orally what I write to an active listener. It helps. And an aggressive spellchecker never hurts either.

I’ve managed to adapt over the years, and my dyslexia is mild compared to others. Either way, it still can be a pain in the ass on my worst days and cause difficulty in writing.