Welcome to Ramblings of a Gyrl. Your slightly geeky yet fun-lovingly dysfunctional admin/author for this venture is me, Angela. I have two children and am a few cats shy of ‘crazy cat lady’ (we have four two). I have worked in the Information Technology field for over 20 years and fully embrace my love of video games, movies, cooking, and literature.

I have now turned a serious focus toward writing and currently am working on my first novel.  I have had other works published in the past including poetry and short stories, but it has been eons ago.  Life has a way becoming a distraction and makes you stray from the creative process. Besides, I find writing very therapeutic and a stress reliever.

My site has been active since 1998 and was formally hosted under the domain of, which I still own. The site has endured a couple of revisions over the years. You will find an eclectic array of posts and articles that will hopefully pique your interest.  As always, I am of the opinion that if you do not like what you see, there is an X at the top right of your browser. However, if you would like to know about me and this site, please feel free to read to your heart’s content. I always welcome comments as well.

Some of my online interests which may have led you to my site are:

Game Addon & UI DevelopmentWorld of Warcraft, Rift

Web Design & DevelopmentosCommerce, WordPress, e107, Drupal, Joomla, Game Portal Design Templates

Forums & Social, Twitter, Facebook, Various Gaming Forums, Various Tech Forums

Writing,, & NaNoWriMo