I’m not MIA…. Really.

Divorce is an ugly word. Right now I am going through one, and I have a great sense of relief that it will be over soon. I won’t get into the sordid details of that because it is in the past despite my ex’s unrelinquishing efforts to continue to blame me for everything. This is neither the time nor place to air dirty laundry.

That said, I’m me again. I’ve focused on my girls, my work, and my life. I’ve also moved on to writing a book about the whole experience. It has been therapeutic in many respects and has allowed me to see the humor in situations that would otherwise be depressing. I’ve completed about 10 chapters so far.  Hopefully, I will be able to see to through to the end.

So, that is my life in a nutshell right now. I’m not dead. I’m still alive, but I have taken a step back from posting online until the divorce is finalized. I do appreciate your continued emails regarding my other work, the site, and tips on cooking. I still welcome them and reply when I can.


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is a blogger, writer, self-proclaimed geek & nerd, and the gyrl behind Ramblings of a Gyrl. A few cats shy of 'crazy cat lady' status and fully embraces her love of video games, films, cooking, and literature. She is currently writing her first novel for publication.

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