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A few years ago, I wrote a post outlining the physical traits of Native Americans. This is an interest of mine since I am part Native American… Cherokee, to be exact. At the time, I was assisting my daughter with some research for a school project and came across two articles on interest. My post is based on the information those articles, which I have cited.  Since then, every moron with unfettered access to a computer has either made outrageous posts or have sent me even weirder emails, many of which seem to think I’m a professional researcher. I’ve even gone as far as creating an addendum to the post, stating that I am no expert. Nevertheless, the comments and feedback still flood in, which is why I think y’all must be idiots.

Seriously? Do you not know how to read? Did you huff glue as a child or eat paint chips? Because inquiring minds want to know.

And this is not a baseless accusation. I have evidence to back this claim, starting with something more recent… from some lady who calls herself Grandmother Wandering Star.

. o O (WTF?)

I apologize, I was not aware that your dissertation was being used as critical evidence.I would be more than willing to correspond with you ie:;Cherokee . My Great Grandmother was Irish she came to Indiana on a wagon train.The Conestoga was captured and over come. This was on my fathers side. Paternal. She grew up included into the Paint Clan of the Cherokees.She bore six children.She and four of the children did not survive on the trail of tears.However, one brother named Edward Lucas and one sister Euphia Kucas were assigned the name by the Calvary. Since they were halve they assigned both children the last name of Lucas and would return them to Indiana . My maternal grandmother Elizabeth Rounds Welty a member of the DAR,whom traces back her ancestry to William the Conquer referred to her Euphia Lucas as a halve breed “That Sqaw” which caused a lot of discussions related to both family histories. My father was a fourth Cherokee and turned a very dark red color every summer. On one of our many trips from Indiana to California we were refused service from several motels and restaurants because they did not serve Indians there.He had the extra bone in the foot as well as my sister and I. He could never ingest alcohol it acted like poison to his system and he would go bat shit crazy if he touched it. My sister and I also do not drink fire water because it effects both of us very negatively as well we can not tolerate it at all.Question here: Have you found this in other Cherokees? I would be very interested in seeing what you discover. I have many stories I can share.Grandmother Wandering Star

I didn’t respond because feedback like this is a dime a dozen. (Dissertation? WTF?) To be fair, many are TL;DR, but no. With this lady, the crazy continues as she follows up with this:

I would like to thank=you for publishing characteristics of the Cherokee people. I match several of the criteria.. My sister and I both have the extra bone in our feet and occasionally the bone will become displaced a cause the foot to lock accompanied with some pain until we stand up and push the bone back in. We have this extra bone in both feet. The extra long roots to the lower wisdom teeth caused both of us to undergo Oral surgery to remove them. I compare that pain to that of child birth.At the base of our jaws we now have divets on both sides of our lower jaws where the roots were rapped around the jaw bone. Is this also a characteristic of native american heritage?Also do others with the extra foot bone have cramps that make you stand to place the bone back into position? I would like to know about other characteristics our children also have the extra bone in their feet as well. We are not sure about the wisdom teeth. Also addiction is prevalent through out our ancestry, is this a characteristic of Native Americans? (Tobacco,alcohol,and some medications have adverse reactions as well.) I look forward to your response.Grandmother Wandering Star

At this point, I respond with: 

One word: Google.

Apparently, this wasn’t the answer she was looking for and proceeded to get upset with me. Look, if you can’t read and comprehend the post, then don’t get upset when provided with the obvious, simplistic answer.

Did I mention this lady is writing a novel? Yes, according to a comment she posted, the woman is writing a novel. God help us.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Other examples of idiocy follow:

This gem…

Thanks for your research & info you shared. I’m a product of my mother North Carolina Rutherfordton County, Spindsle. Her family pics really showed me a lot considering my grandmother passed away this year March 29 2016 at 99yo & her sister in N.C. at 102yo December 19 2015. I would love to send you their picture if possible plus people comment on my Native American looks. I met a Lakota a couple of days ago & he felt slighted telling me I’ve been contacted by the ” ELDERS” because of my visions, experiences & eye color changes 4 of them like a mood ring ( weird swirling marble of blue/grey/white ) sometimes other multi color swirls. That was what brought me here I’m seeking knowledge on my EYE’s any help there? THANKS!Random Idiot

And then…

There was the lovely email I received where the guy told me he was born white but was secretly a reincarnated Indian Chief. He proceeded to ask me how he could convince the government to grant him his benefits as a Native American. Yes, just ask a random stranger for advice on how to scam the government. That makes all the sense in the world.

And then…

I’ve had several people ask me if I would help them find their inner eye because they believe they are psychic. Hello! If you were psychic, then you would know where to find your inner eye. *rolls eyes*

And then there are comments like these…

I am a medium brown skin with average black hair African American and have been recognized by other Native Americans as being Cherokee. I also have a Spirit Guide whose Native American. I have most of the features that were mentioned. I have not taken the DNA test but somehow know that I have a strong Cherokee presence. Other Cherokees sence that I am Cherokee almost right away. Is this common? For others it’s like a knowing. Is this common among Native Americans? Am I qaranted that my DNA test will reveal this?Brenda

How the fuck should I know? *bangs head on desk* You either have Native ancestry or you don’t. Here’s an idea….. TAKE THE DAMN TEST AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

I am the little sister whom wrote this article. Daniel Boone is our 8th great grandfather. We are also related to Stephen father.. etc. I have the shovel teeth, my toes are as she has described. I am a dark redhead that doesn’t burn. I just keep getting darker I also am connected to the spirit world. I have seen ghost in Cherokee park and I can make predictictions. Though some are not good. I can look at people and see if the are on their death bed. I am also considered a healer and a medicine man To top it off I am an extreme high sensitive sensitive I am still learning my capabiliyies. I can tell the future, and it’s scary!! I have had the gift my entire life and just trying to control it. It is a gift, AND IT IS SCARY. I am posting my heritaff on gmail. Me and my sister has this special gift and we feel it our responsibility to share this with every one. We believe in GOD, but we also. Elieve other thing out there. As soon as we finish I will post the finding on gmail. And yes Daniel Boone was a Lille man with ( red ) hair like me! The history Books need to be.changed immedaty sot So the children learn the true meaning of the founders of our country. You should also keep a juornal of your drems every night. They will help help guide you throught this process. HAPPY REAING AND HAPPY RESEACH. You will be amazed what you come accross Robin 'MercerGardner'

The little sister of who? What? I have no siblings. That said, you are a redhead who is connected to the spirit world and can see the future. Gotcha. 

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, does anyone know proper spelling and grammar? My poor Grammarly add-in is just littered with errors from these excerpts as I’m writing this post.

That said, those who leave well-meaning comments or ask intelligent questions, I welcome them. Obviously, not everyone is an idiot, but if idiots could fly, this place would be an airport between the feedback, emails, and comments left in their wake. Ugh.

To be fair, I’d like to think that the average person is somewhat intelligent or at least possesses basic comprehension skills. Therefore, I can’t decide if this is attributed to idiocy of the masses, where well-meaning people misconstrue the post via one comment and others latch on, or that I have a predilection for attracting halfwits on the Internet. I suspect the latter, which wouldn’t be the first time.



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  1. I beg your pardon. However,you ! Not I brought a gun to a knife fight. I apologize for the inconvenience ,but clarification evidently must be required in your case.

    First ,you did not post the original comment and questions related to your article. You evidently misconstrued the purpose, content and intent of my message.Obviously you have difficulty comprehending and/or missed several comments previously made to your blog. Armature mistake.

    I find you offensive and overtly verbally aggressive and inadequately prepared to carry on a legitimate conversation of any subsequent meaning ;therefore I have deleted your ramblings and wish for you to do the same with my information as well.Calling other people names and suggesting they have the mental capacity of an insect means you consider yourself a gifted,superior human being without erroneous flaws. Bully for you!The rest of us make legitimate mistakes admit them and proceed. So sorry, I did not know this was a minor school project for a child.

    I recommend that you make a statement of purpose citing your resources at the beginning of your blog to avoid misconceptions. All educational facilities and universities and Copy right law concerning use of information, and quotes,requires one to do this.

    I assure you I have adequate credentials,educational certifications to support my claims and I am a published author.I also regret offering assistance when it is so obvious that you consider the majority of humanity idiots. How sad for you.Please spare your time and do not to respond, to this message.I would hate to disturb such a obvious genius. I can ,however.recommend that you read a book entitled Wisdom of the Elders and consider what your actual heritage is if you are a true Cherokee.

    Grandmother wandering star
    This name was given to me by Rolling Thunder and Pope sun rising

    • Angela

      *golf clap*

      Hit a nerve, have I?

      Obviously, you did not read the original post in its entirety. I did clearly cite my sources at the bottom. I cannot help it if you lack reading comprehension. And at no point did I ever state that I was working on a dissertation. You assumed that on your own.

      Now, I’m typically very cordial. Until you irritate and/or piss me off, that is. The fact that the article was about PHYSICAL characteristic of native descent, I expected the topic to remain as such. Instead, it has greatly deviated from this despite my best efforts to explain to individuals that I’m not some mystic or spirit guide or professional researcher. I’ve had people put words in my mouth, embellish facts in my post, or omit them altogether. I’ve prohibited and kept nasty commenters at bay that attempted to troll or insult commenters, such as yourself. Some of them were horrendously vulgar including a couple that were aimed at you.

      And I’ve had people, similar to yourself, that try to tell me I’m not a true Cherokee because I don’t culturally identify as Native. I was culturally raised white, yet I’m genetically Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, and English. I don’t follow Native customs nor do I plan to. It doesn’t make me any less Cherokee due to this. Blood is blood. The DNA is hardcoded. (Please note that cultural and genetic are two different things if you need clarification.)

      That said, I’m not fussed if you refuse to read my blog anymore. Matter of fact, I’m indifferent to the idea despite the fact that you think I will suddenly care. You wouldn’t be the first person to be offended by the truth nor will you be the last.

      I will offer something positive. I’m glad to see your grammar has improved at least. Perhaps my words had a positive effect even if you are reluctant to admit it.

      So, there it is. I’ve stated my piece and you’ve stated yours. I get that you are upset and embarrassed, but I won’t delete your comments. You talked about owning up to your mistakes. Perhaps it’s time you start admitting your own.

      And the blog post wasn’t a child’s project. It was information I came across while helping my daughter with her project, which followed a different vein altogether. The two articles mentioned are in print only, which is why they are not linked. I know it’s hard to fathom that something doesn’t exist on the Internet, but it’s true. You might have some luck at the library.

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