Why I’ve Stopped Caring…

With the recent election, there’s a lot of turmoil over President-Elect Trump. I often keep my political opinions to myself unless I am speaking to someone that matters. In short, I voted neither for Trump or Hillary. Primarily we were left with an authoritative demagog and one reeking of corrupt cronyism. Due to this, I voted third-party because I thought that neither one of them were fit to be President. All that aside, I do have something to say on the matter. 

For starters, the election is over with. If by some horrific miracle the Electoral College changes their vote on December 19, then Trump will still be President of the United States come January 20th. I get that some of my friends are angry with the result. I also get the fact that some were not thrilled with Hillary as an option, either. But here’s the thing…

There’s nothing we can do about it. 

That’s right. I said it. There is nothing we can do about it. You could scream, throw a tantrum, or go protest while throwing caution to the wind, but what is that going to achieve? Nothing. So stop the bitching, the whining, and the faux-outrage. Stop inciting violence and hate. I’m not singing the man’s praises, but the man hasn’t even taken office yet. He might surprise us. He might do some very good things. He may also do horrible things that would make baby Jesus cry. (I suspect the latter, but I’m trying to be optimistic here.) The point is, he’s not even in office yet and hasn’t had the chance to impress or disappoint us. The man knows how to stir a crowd and be heard. He played off our collective dissatisfaction. And as the populous craved for the change that Obama failed to deliver, well… Trump said what voters wanted to hear. That’s how he got elected. 

You may think I’m defending him. You may even think that I like the guy. Far from it, but I’m quietly watching and waiting to see what happens. Social issues are the furthest from my mind right now. He’s already put the kibosh on reversing marriage equality, probably to Pence’s dismay. But there are other issues of vital importance that need addressing. Marriage equality and abortion rights are the least of my concerns right now… however cruel that may sound. The constitutionality of both has been settled by the Supreme Court, and it would take a massive act from Congress to overturn either. Even then, it would likely be challenged in court once again. 

Instead, Obamacare needs to be overhauled. It hasn’t solved the inherent issue of why healthcare is so damn expensive in the first place. I’ve often used the analogy “band-aid on a sucking chest wound” in regards to Obamacare, and aptly so. We need fairer wages and better-paying jobs. We need to stop taxing the middle class into oblivion. We need real, tangible economic growth in this country that has evaded us for so long. We need immigration control by enforcing existing laws. Do I believe you need to wall off the rest of the world or our neighbors? No. I don’t believe the extremist solutions from Trump’s campaign are the answer, but I do believe, with temperance and compromise, the right solutions can be found. 

It will be up to Trump and Congress to work together. Trump is one man. The Roman Empire didn’t fall in a day nor was it built in one, either. And those who contributed were many. The same could be said here as well.


All that said, I stopped caring about all the rhetoric and general nastiness that has surrounded this campaign and post-election. I don’t care about the opinion of others unless they can have an open and candid discussion while debating the topic intelligently. Calling someone a “cow fucker” because their state swung red instead of blue won’t endear me to your cause nor will demonizing those who voted for Hillary. Why?

Because we’re better than this.  

We’re better than all this vehemence. We’re inherently good people that are capable of great things when our hearts and minds are in the right place. I don’t need the weight of this enduring, intense animosity and neither do you.


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