And this is why no one can take you seriously….

I recently had the pleasure (?) of mixing words with a netizen, who left a one-star review on’s Facebook page. Despite my acquaintanceship with Drew, I couldn’t care less how many stars visitors give the site even though I’ve been a member for well over 15 years. I would certainly be the first to tell him that there have been some pretty messed up changes over the years ranging from site layouts to content changes that attracted an unsavory audience. Nevertheless, I still visit the site when I come down with a bout of taedium vitae. It isn’t horrible, but it certainly has its ups and downs.

Before I go off course here, I wanted to share Ms. Gorman’s moment of butthurt. Because let’s be honest here, the woman gave us so much material to work with that it would have been a crime not to respond. I’m not saying her support for Donald Trump influenced my opinion by any means, but it did explain her obsession with “Bernie’s Bros” or whatever the hell she calls his supporters.


All that said, she blocked me on Facebook. Apparently, a robust vocabulary accompanied by well-developed grammar skills is the new “hate speech”.


Feel free to read the screenshots below. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the accusation. If you can figure it out, by all means enlighten me.


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