Freelance Web Development

I am always looking for new clients for web development. I wish writing was a full-time gig that made money — with any luck, some day it will — but for now I have to make money the old fashioned way. Still looking for an IT job, but I am also a Freelance Web Developer. I have worked with several different CMS, including WordPress.

One of my recent projects was for Maine Scenic Airways in Belfast, Maine, as you can see here.





If you are interested in any web development work, please feel free to contact me. I can create unique layouts and/or adapt existing templates to suite your needs for a reasonable price. 

All clients consent to a design service contract, which both parties sign, and half is due up front before any work begins. 


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is a blogger, writer, self-proclaimed geek & nerd, and the gyrl behind Ramblings of a Gyrl. A few cats shy of 'crazy cat lady' status and fully embraces her love of video games, films, cooking, and literature. She is currently writing her first novel for publication.

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