Rants and Recap This Week: From Redskins to Fred

As a quiet and often distant observer of mainstream and social media, dare I ask: What the hell is up with all the faux-outrage and rampant stupidity lately???

The Washington Redskins Controversy

The main focus of why I ask this is in relation to the controversy over the Washington Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder’s quest to find if Native Americans are, in fact, offended by the name. He visited 26 reservations and wrote an open letter based on his experience. I don’t follow football all that much, and from what few accounts I’ve read, the owner of the team is a real asshole. Be that as it may, I feel his letter brings to light some very real problems facing the Native American population on these reservations. From his letter, he outlined the following:

…The fact is, too many Native American communities face much harsher, much more alarming realities. They have genuine issues they truly are worried about, and our team’s name is not one of them. Here are just a few staggering, heartbreaking facts about the challenges facing Native Americans today:

• The official poverty rate on reservations is 29 percent, as determined by the U.S. Census. 36 percent of families with children are below the poverty line on reservations, compared with 9 percent of families nationally. Jobs are scarce, and so is genuine opportunity.

• Rampant diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, and heightened suicide rates afflict Native American youth, adults, and veterans. Life expectancies in high poverty Native American communities are the lowest anywhere in the Western Hemisphere—except for Haiti.

• Tribal reservations can lack even the most basic infrastructure that most Americans take for granted. For example, according to the independent, highly respected Millennium Project, 13 percent of Native American households have no access to safe water and/or wastewater disposal, compared with just 0.6 percent in non-native households. Similarly, 14 percent of homes on Native American reservations have no electricity, compared to just 1 percent among non-native households. It is hard to build for a better tomorrow without the basic needs of today.

This is what America should be outraged over, but keep on clinging to your white guilt. It’s easier to get bent out of shape over this than over the blatant fact that our Native population still suffer these deplorable conditions.

Let’s just crucify Mr. Snyder. That’s so much easier.


Oh, CNN.  How many times do you have to report the lack of debris finds before it’s no longer breaking news? And black holes? Really?

Go home, CNN! You’re drunk.

Courtney Love probably has a better grasp on the series of events leading up to the missing airliner than you do. 


And please, for the love of God, can we do away with the armchair conspiracy theories? Let the experts handle it. . . even if those experts are hampered by an incompetent government.

I’m looking at you Malaysia.


This proves, yet again, the Internet is one collective cesspool of stupid, led by this girl. If you note carefully, she openly admits on her Facebook page that she speaks on race/gender issues. This is her bread and butter, folks. It’s her job to be offended and uses social media as her vehicle to show her outrage. Her over-inflated, deeply skewed sense of self-importance is stroked every time one of her hashtags is trending.

We have a name for this:  Attention Whore.

Not always, but I’ll let you continue your outrage. . .

And those who bought into it:

Yes, because school-aged children everywhere fit within the show’s viewer demographic. I’m coming down with a headache from the exaggerated eye-roll I seem to be plagued with.

I guarantee you the above Twitter user will be citing post-traumatic stress soon, blaming the originating tweet as the cause. . .

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Lady, we spend too little on being honest and more being focused on cowswaddling. It’s time to give the politically correct, bullshit hand-holding a rest, don’t you think?

Someone I knew once said, “Buy a fucking helmet and drive on.”

Then those with some semblance of common sense had this to say:

Those that know anything about social media realize that celebrities do not often Tweet themselves. In many cases, a staffer or paid professional will likely do it for them with some sort of creative  leeway on their part. However, even now and then they are bound to fuck up as so brilliantly noted by a friend in this article .

On that note, somewhere out there, there’s a Comedy Central staffer that is likely without a job due to all the outrage and one simple mistake. Even Comedy Central outlined the Stephen Colbert had no affiliation with the account:

On that note, has it escaped everyone that this is a satirical news show on a comedy channel? Stephen Colbert and What’s-His-Face over at the Daily Show are comedians. And if you understand the history and nature of comedy, it often highlights societal subjects that are taboo in nature by using humor as its vehicle to highlight underlying problems. It’s often the comedian’s way of constructive criticism, making the pill that we often ignore easier to swallow. If you listen carefully, they often have something significant to say.

If you don’t like what Mr. Colbert has to say, then don’t follow him on Twitter and change the damn channel. If you are too thick to figure that out, then I leave you with this:


And Lastly, Fred Phelps . . .

At the height of his death, I had little to say on the matter, but after some careful thought, I have this to say:

The man was hateful. There is no other description that I have to offer. While he was most notably against homosexuality, he took it one step further by causing pain for others. He openly protested the funerals of not only homosexuals but soldiers as well. While he was best known for his “God Hates Fags” motto, a more accurate one would have been “Fred Hates Everyone” instead.

I take no joy in his death. If anything I feel indifferent. Just the same, I saw many boasted that they wished for this man to burn in hell. Personally, I believe this man suffered something far worse than anything he could experience in the afterlife. He alienated members of his family, was excommunicated from a church that he founded, and likely had very few at his bedside as he drew his last breath. Most of all, he never learned that God is love. 

So to you, Mr. Phelps, I say this:

God did not hate “fags”, soldiers, or anyone else that you thought worthy of your hate. He loved everyone with equal measure. Even at your lowest. . . even at your worst. . . God even loved you. . . ’til the very end. It is sad that you hadn’t come to know this.

As for everyone else who celebrated his passing, hate only begets hate. Mr. Phelps was no Stephen Colbert or Daniel Snyder. Fred Phelps was a real caricature of hate and bigotry. This was something worthy of our time to be united against, not our disagreements over satirical social commentary or a man who took the time to learn the real struggles of a race and culture that is so easily forgotten.

But go ahead and piss on this man’s grave, continue to be outraged at comedians who bring to light our social faux pas, and thumb your nose at the real issues plaguing Native Americans. After all, it’s easy to assuage latent guilt with something quick and meaningless. 

Isn’t it always?


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