Undergoing Some Changes

In light of things, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and go with a redesign for my website. While I love the responsive layout of this site, I can easily utilize a mobile theme for the other aspect that the responsiveness gives, which means bye-bye to the theme. I know some designers think having a responsive theme is the way to go, but I think you lose a lot of the uniqueness of the landing page and site when you do this… for some themes at least.

The primary focus of my blog is about my writing and other articles. Obviously, I have the smatterings of tech posts and the occasional recipe that’s added. I’m on the fence about this since I want to include such things, but I don’t think they fit into the overall flow of the blog. This is why I am thinking about installing separate blogs for tech and cooking respectively. I already have themes waiting to be used for those.

Additionally, I’m going to knuckle down and use some generate shortcode elements on my site that I think will enhance the overall design and flare of it. I have this installed and ready to use but have not utilized this as of yet. I believe I will leave this for the redesign.

It isn’t that I hate my current theme; it’s just that I’ve had it for some time, and I need to update the layout.  I will, of course, be using a purchased theme that I will edit and customize myself. I found one that I love. To be honest, I have little time to create one from the ground up. Most of my time is devoted to writing and everything else going on in my life.

Finally, in the coming week or so, you may see some changes to categories and such. I am going to streamline these as well, creating fewer categories for simple inventory and readability. As it is, I feel there are too many. So bear with me as I make changes. 


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