What I Miss

I sort of miss the old days of World of Warcraft. The days of “vanilla” and Burning Crusade. I especially miss this pint-sized girl, Eleedee. She was my priest that I enjoyed playing on both sides of the fence: Alliance and Horde. This is how I left her the day I stopped playing WoW. Proud of my achievements but sad to leave.

Wow Priest

Today, I play Guild Wars 2 occasionally, but there are days I miss the social community of WoW. Sadly, I will never play the game again due to Blizzard’s spectacular ability to run their game into the ground. I’m sure Blizzard will boast that they still have the numbers to make it a viable game, but for the lack of engaging content and a challenge that is worthy of a  three-year-old, I don’t have it in me to pay the $14.99 a month to play it all over again. It simply isn’t worth my money or my time.

I’m fortunate that I am in a guild on GW2 where I have a long-time friend who’s an officer. I don’t play enough to be an active member, but to my credit, I do have at least one character that is level 80.  I’ve even made a little Asuran Necromancer, naming her Eleedee. The only drawback to GW2 is the lack of social community that I found in WoW, but perhaps I’m not in a very active guild. When I’m on, at least.

It is likely, with the frequency that I play now, that I’ll never play another MMO that extorts a monthly pizzo from my wallet. Although never say never, I suppose. Maybe… some day… a game developer out there will wow me.


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