This Is What Happens When You’re Snowed In

This is what happens when you are stuck at home in the bitter cold the day after a hellacious snow storm. As if there isn’t enough snow on the ground already. *snicker*

Boiling Water to Snow

Boiling water to snow. Not as cold out as it could be for this, but it still works so long as the water is at least 200°F or higher and you have subzero temps like were experiencing today.

This was our third attempt with just the right amount of water. We used to much the first two times and it went straight to ice pellets before it hit the ground. 

You can hear the “snow” hit the stuff on the ground toward the end of the video. Too cool.

Sun Dog

My sister-in-law and her two children got stopped in their tracks by the storm last night. They are currently stranded but woke up to this beautiful sight this morning. This is called a sun dog. It happens when it’s extremely cold and light from the sun is refracted through the ice crystals in the air. 


I was mistaken when I first posted this on Facebook. I attributed the photo to my niece, but in fact, my sister-in-law, Hallie, took it and my niece shared it. As of this hour, they are still stranded, and Interstate 65 is still closed. We’re hoping they can get as far as Lafayette today if the roads open enough so they can stay the night before they have to go home. Fingers and toes crossed that they don’t have to spend another night in their van.

Blowing Snow

If you watched the video, you would have seen this nice little snow drift at our back door that is 2.5″ deep.

snow drift

I’m not even touching that with a shovel.

And If You Doubt How Cold It Is…

Weather - 1

This was taken from my phone earlier this morning. The temperature hasn’t just changed… it’s actually gotten colder.

And if you asked…. Yes, I did go out in this mess and shovel. Brrr.


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