NaNoWriMo: Fleeing Perdition

I am taking a hiatus from my novel and my two fanfiction works to work on my NaNoWriMo novel this month. I’ve already worked out a title and synopsis for the novel, and I’m hoping to reach 50,000 words by the end of the month.

Brief Synopsis:

A story of the supernatural, Dane Mackenzie has a secret life. As a descendant of the fabled Watchers from the earliest writings of man, he lives two lives as walks a fine line between good and evil. He lives amongst humanity while hunting in the shadows. Both fallen angel and human, he is ordered to seek out his destined fate or suffer the same damnation as those he protects when their sins come to bear.

Also a story of romance, Dane crosses paths with, Moira Flynn, the one woman meant to fulfill his destiny, leading her along a journey of self-discovery that questions the very fiber of faith and knowledge as she knows it. With her own secrets as well, Dane must convince Moira of a greater destiny… one that the has been written since birth.

nanowrimoWriting about the Gregori (or Watchers) and their offspring, the Nephilim, I wanted to spin a different take on the traditional myth and legends surrounding them and weave a supernatural love story that also puts forth some very hard questions about religion, faith, and morality. 

Adding to the synopsis, the two main characters come from very two different worlds. Moira is a child of humanity whereas Dane is a Nephilim, both fallen angel and human. As half-breeds left to walk the ends of the Earth doing the Gregori’s bidding, the Nephilim have become an integral part of human myth and often thought to be the harbingers of evil itself. The truth is far removed from this depiction and much more complex.

As humanity spins out of control, falling to the excesses of greed and power, God returns at the pinnacle of evil in the world to right the failings of The Gregori but not without giving their children a second chance to prove themselves worthy before He destroys Earth. Instructed to find love, Dane crosses paths with Moira to fulfill his destiny or face perdition.

In the story, the Gregori are already predetermined to suffer damnation for defying God, but it is God that offers their offspring a second chance to prove they can love and find happiness instead of living in the shadows while fighting evil. Often like the rapture depicted in Judeo-Christian faiths, a handful of humans will be selected by God to start anew with the chosen living alongside the Nephilim, who will be free of their sires for the first time.

I can only give so much away without ruining the story, but this is the basic overview. I’m not bilking this as a story about faith and religion or even about God Himself. Instead, it is merely the setting laced with poignant “what ifs” to set the reader thinking. It is not so much about a question of God and His will, but a question about the ills and errors of humanity itself set against a backdrop of the supernatural spun into a story of love.


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