It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

Rode out the storms that rolled through the Midwest on Sunday. We were without power for approximately 5 hours or so until it was restored. Within a mile of our house, a rain-wrapped tornado began its descent and managed to skip its way through the southern outskirts of Lafayette, causing damage along the way. Trees and power lines were down across east-west roads in its path and several businesses plus two schools sustained damage in the storm. After it had passed, Nikki and I went rubbernecking to survey all the damage. It was quite impressive.

Here are a few photos:


CR 460 – Downed power lines.


CR 600 – Large tree down in path.


Business hit near US 52 and Veterans Memorial Pkwy


Larger picture of damage.


Roof ripped off of warehouse nearby.



Tippecanoe School Corp canceled school on Monday because of two damaged buildings and several other schools were without power. As of Tuesday, some areas were without power still, and Purdue didn’t restore power to all areas of campus until the early morning hours. The campus power plant had been damaged by the storm.


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