Yay! New Domain & Updates

homemovingpicI’ve been sitting on ramblgyrl.com now for a while and finally bit the bullet and migrated my blog from the old URL. I’m still going to retain ownership of mystfire.net, but I will no longer be using that address for my website.  Now that I think about it, my blog has been located at mystfire.net …for fifteen years?!  Holy crap! Nevertheless, the new web address should be much easier to remember for current and future visitors. I’m also toying the idea of a new layout. Something a bit cleaner and modern.

As other updates go, I am writing! I’m still working on my fanfiction story Serendipity, but I have taken a mini-hiatus as I work through some writers block I”m having with the story. In the mean time, I started a new fanfiction called The Marriage Curse. Those of you who have been following Serendipity should enjoy the new story.  As far as work on my novel, it is a slow and arduous process but worth it. I have been reluctant to update the story meter just yet until I have a bit more polish on the chapters that I have written. 

I also plan on participating in NaNoWriMo during the month of November as well.


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is a blogger, writer, self-proclaimed geek & nerd, and the gyrl behind Ramblings of a Gyrl. A few cats shy of 'crazy cat lady' status and fully embraces her love of video games, films, cooking, and literature. She is currently writing her first novel for publication.

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