I Write Like… Who?

I did something silly today and dropped some excerpts of my work into the I Write Like analyzer. The analyzer has been around for a few years and is not entirely new to me. I avoid such sites as they are purely for fun and not accurate in anyway. Nevertheless, I took three different samples and submitted them just to see what it would kick back.

The first source I provided was a sample chapter from my one of my online fan-fictions for Harry Potter. (Don’t judge me, it started out as a writing exercise to help hone my writing skills.) Not that it was my intent to mimic the original author, but many of my readers have said my fanfiction reads like another book in the series. And out curiosity, I ran a chapter through the analyzer to see what would result. Seeing my answer, I ran several just to be sure, and this is what I got for all but two of the chapters, overall:


I even went as far as replacing the established character names with names like ‘Bob’ and ‘Sally’ and changed the unique references just to change things up. Nope. Still the same output.

If I’m trying to write a piece of fanfiction as an homage to the original author, it would help if you try writing it in the author’s original style. I tried to capture the nuances of J.K. Rowling’s work, but I certainly wasn’t trying to mimic it in anyway. I suppose I should be flattered that I did so well (according to my readers), but this is just a fun tool and probably means nothing.

But while we’re having a good time, let’s not stop there. I made the next step of analyzing the first two chapters of the novel I am writing, and it gave me this: William Gibson

If you are unfamiliar with William Gibson, he wrote such novels as Neuromancer (1984) and Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988) as well as several short stories. One you may even be familiar with as it inspiration for the film by the same name. The title? Johnny Mnemonic (1981).

And lastly, I threw in a few articles for good measure just to see what my writing style is most of my entries. The result? H.P. Lovecraft

Wasn’t expecting that. And that result is certainly a joke even though I do enjoy his works and influences of Edgar Allan Poe. To change things up again, I threw in my story about my mom’s horrid attempts at cooking squirrel, and it said I wrote like Chuck Palahniuk, who I have never read. Finally, I entered my memorial day rant for good measure which kicked back the result of Cory Doctorow.

I could write like some famous author, but then again, the analyzer seems to think that Britney Spears is Lewis Carroll judging by the lyrics to her song, Hit Me Baby One More Time. So, I take it all with a grain of salt.


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