Adventures in Gaming: Memorable RPG Quotes & Moments

Here are some memorable quotes and moments from our role playing games over the years.


Friend playing half-fiend: “I’m going to use my diplomacy and tell them to calm down.”
Me: “What are you? The Jean Luc Picard of demons?”

Schultz (to Jason): “It looks like you’re going to need a new NPC. We kinda broke this one.”

Brent: “I’m going to stun him with my missile.”
DM: “How in the hell do you stun him with a missile?”

*Rest of the group in heavy combat, asking for backup.*
Cory (playing a Rigger):
“I just drive.”

Brent, playing a barbarian: “I throw the weapons rack into the tent.”
Schultz, whose character is in said tent: “That’s not a weapon!”
Brent: “I have the Improvised Weapon skill.”

DM: “Roll your intelligence.”
Dwain: “What? My intelligence?”

Greentree: “Just launch me out the mag tube.”




You just need to spend 8 hours role playing a Shadowrun game to steal a Slurpee Machine from your local stuffer shack. What you don’t need is Lone Star, Knight Errant and two mega-corps after you by the time you are done.

It is better to let the street sam bleed in your trunk and than on your upholstery.

The run goes great until someone gets greedy. Or trips over a cat.

A bargain isn’t a bargain. Those missiles you bought at a cut rate deal off that fixer. Yeah. *click* Sucks when they fail in combat don’t they?

It’s okay to pee on the cursed statue. Just expect to be a plot device for the next three game sessions when you do.

You can encourage undesirable players to leave the game if you use them as gator bait. Beheading works well, too.

It’s okay to play a street kid with no cyber or bioware. Just don’t expect to live past the first combat phase. Bets between players on your longevity are an added bonus.


What are some of your favorite moments playing role playing games?


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