MMO Game Forum Signatures

Here are examples of my handiwork from game signatures I have created over the years, either for myself, my husband or others. They are spread evenly between World of Warcraft and Rift. I hadn’t bothered with SWTOR or GW2 yet since I don’t play them enough or frequent the forums to allow it.


This signature was made for my husband’s main character, a dwarven hunter named Stunty in World of Warcraft.


This signature was made for my priest in World of Warcraft. I have made quite a few revisions of this graphic since I seemed to have a race identity crisis for a while in the game.


I created this forum signature for my husband’s warrior in Rift. I had a little fun with this signature given the comments my husband made when entering Shimmersand. He had just recently come off of several deployments in the “sand box” and sand was the last thing he wanted to see… even in a game.

moulin-sig mana_sig

Both of these signatures for my two mains in Rift. Moulin was by far my favorite and her name was a play on the fact that in most MMOs — especially in World of Warcraft — many folks misspell the word ‘rogue’. The image has my spin on the Moulin Rogue banner from the movie poster. The image for my cleric was just fun to do because kelari just look freaky to begin with… and purple is my favorite color.

And of course, various avatar graphics…

I had a little fun with my Rift avatars…


And of course…
preg2 preg1

…I just had to play with my hair color in World of Warcraft


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